Hi! 🖐️

I'm a Pythonista with a computer science background who develops and maintains the backend of an Austrian multimodal transport app by day. I'm also a gamer, an occasional graphic designer, and an irregular speaker and workshop coach.


I started coding as a teenager by creating several popular culture websites: for my favorite band and TV series. Later on I started taking on projects for family and acquintances, ranging from websites to a kiosk application, built from scratch including design and graphics.

After finishing my master's in computer science at University of Gothenburg in Sweden I worked in computer security for a couple of years before moving on to my current position as a senior software developer at wegfinder.

I am occasionally active in the community, mostly in projects aiming to increase diversity in tech. I've been a mentor at several workshops (e.g. Django Girls). I also sometimes give talks at conferences.



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